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@MrsBdotMdot Crest Whitestrips should not be harmful to you or your baby. However, we advise you to check with your dentist or doctor.-7 hours 13 min ago
@HedrickTyler We're glad you love our toothpaste, but we think @OralB would advise against that, right? ;)-7 hours 30 min ago
@HayleyEmeryxo Your teeth look great, Hayley! You should be confident... Your smile is beautiful!-8 hours 13 min ago
@annamarie11052 We love you too, Anna!! <3 We aren't afraid to admit it. ;)-9 hours 37 min ago
@FlorenceGreen1 Nope! That is our product. The bottom packaging just has the most recent design.-10 hours 56 min ago