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@NoelleMandell We are sorry to hear that. Please call our care line at 1 (800) 285-9139 M-F, 9-6 EST so we can fix this right away.-4 min 53 sec ago
@DeniCar3 We're gonna brush like it's our birthday...-1 hour 11 min ago
@OhHellKel Accidentally use your kiddo's Crest? Don't worry, we've been there...-1 hour 39 min ago
@MaxBullock3 @StephanieGena Sorry, Stephanie, we couldn't hear you over our chewing... ;-)-3 hours 24 min ago
@Bri_Bri_090 Just in a scientist's brain... waiting to be unveiled and fulfill my destiny with your teeth. :-)-4 hours 4 min ago