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@WhatTheFFacts While microbeads are safe & FDA-approved, we listen to consumer preference. We'll remove them completely by March 2016. TY!-1 day 12 hours ago
Danielle had tooth sensitivity triggered by cold food. Then she tried #SensiStop Strips. days 11 hours ago
Sensitive teeth? We can help! Try NEW Crest #SensiStop Strips! 1 strip, 10 mins, immediate relief. Find out more at days 6 hours ago
@katelynofriel If our social media team was in charge of Crest models - we'd totally ask for your number. Looking gorgeous, Katelyn!-3 days 11 hours ago
@BaHaLauRen Hmm, this doesn't look right! Give us a call so we can help: (800) 285-9139 M-F 9-6 EST.-3 days 11 hours ago