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@DrRicoShort We have already begun removing microbeads. Let us know if you'd like a list of products that are already microbead-free. TY!-37 min 13 sec ago
@sLiM_Kp Microbeads are safe & FDA approved. However, we listened to our consumers and most products will be microbead-free w/in 6 mo. TY!-42 min 24 sec ago
@michalanowak While microbeads are FDA approved, we are removing due to consumer preference. Most products will be microbead-free w/in 6 mo.-46 min ago
@DanielLong94 Awww, you're making us blush. :-) Thanks for being a fan!-49 min 54 sec ago
@mikeclemmons We're glad we could help out!-53 min ago