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We’re teaming up w/ @BedBathBeyond for a deal you don't have to share! #GetYourOwnNow-6 hours 39 min ago
@notfunnystyles Please call our care line: 1 (800) 285-9139 M-F, 9-6 EST so we can help. If this is an emergency, please seek medical help.-7 hours 33 min ago
@atnickgarcia The strip should pass through your system. If you are in pain, please see your doctor or call our care line: 1 (800) 285-9139.-7 hours 57 min ago
@DavidLesch A wife who is an expert dentist with a beautiful smile? You are one lucky guy, David! :)-7 hours 58 min ago
RT @MySavannahLynne: Always lovin' my @Crest White Strips. Mahalo for making a quality product hours 4 sec ago