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Happy to be there for your coworkers....errm, we mean you #CrestProHealth-50 weeks 4 days ago
If you'll please send us a DM, we'll make sure we get some microbead-free toothpaste to you!-50 weeks 4 days ago
Hi, Cherie. Our 3D White Radiant Mint is now microbead-free, with the entire line becoming microbead-free by March 2016.-50 weeks 4 days ago
Sometimes we just get too excited to get on your toothbrush. But definitely give us a call!-50 weeks 4 days ago
Some sensitivity can be expected, but you should not be in pain. Please call us at 1-855-236-3353.-50 weeks 4 days ago

Did you know that sugary drinks feed the bacteria in your mouth that lead to cavities? Swap soda for water to keep your smile happy & healthy!
about 5 weeks 3 days ago
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