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@examinercom The ingredient is completely safe and FDA approved. However, we have already started removing it due to consumer demand. TY!-13 min 4 sec ago
@jasontm18 Sorry for the confusion! The rinse provides 24-hour protection when used twice per day. Thanks!-38 min 28 sec ago
@ProducerAli We have begun removing microbeads from our toothpastes, and the majority of toothpastes will be microbead-free within 6 months.-4 hours 21 min ago
@DobieDaddy3 Yes! Eating cookie dough ice cream without sensitivity pain is great news! :-) Glad we could help!-4 hours 22 min ago
@mikeclemmons Oh no! That is no good. Please give our care line a call so we can fix this: 1 (800) 285-9139 M-F, 9-6 EST.-4 hours 23 min ago

Paige Kim
Thanks for the new Crest Sensi-Strips! My teeth are uber sensitive and after using these strips I am a lot less sensitive to ice cream and other cold foods!
about 31 min ago
Vicki D'Marco
I saw an article this morning showing that Crest puts polyethylene in it's toothpaste. It stated that these plastic particles get under or below the gum line which can cause gingivitis or bacterial gum disease. I just purchased a new tube of Crest toothpaste and I'm throwing it in the garbage! I'm also annoyed that your web site for contacting your company said currently unavailable! I will never purchase a Crest product again.
about 1 hour 22 min ago
about 1 hour 29 min ago
Michael Maturlak
#GotItFree I can mot thank Crest enough for sending me this item free to try. It has improved my sensitivity to a point I never thought possible. If tooth sensitivity is holding you back from enjoying food or drinks you love, give this product a try. It will not disappoint!
about 1 hour 50 min ago
Bruce P DuPont
With so many related URLs, I'm not sure which one to use to comment on Crest products. I want to give input that although I normally like the taste of fresh lime, the lime flavored toothpaste was not pleasant to me. On the other hand, I'm anxious to write that the Crest Complete toothpaste in the 4.6 oz. clear bottle shaped container is delightful. I enjoy the taste, the consistency, the ease of use and the visibility of remaining product. I haven't noted much advertising and came upon this product by needing a small container for travel. I hope your company will not make a judgment about its popularity without properly merchandizing it. I'd really miss it,. Bruce P. DuPont duponts@A​O​L​.​c​o​m
about 2 hours 59 seconds ago
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