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@hay_baybayy Impressing dentists is kind of our forte. ;-) Thanks for being a fan!-20 min 5 sec ago
@voqakydaqalo We are so sorry you aren't satisfied with Sensi-Stop Strips. We'll pass your feedback along to the correct team!-5 hours 57 min ago
@RossMcCormick75 Especially if that stocking is hung close to some mistletoe. ;-)-5 hours 58 min ago
@ofconcrete Oh, he is definitely the most adorable spokesperson we could ask for! :-) Thanks for sharing!-6 hours 2 min ago
@J_O_E__Y Keep us updated on how you like them! :)-6 hours 2 min ago

It’s time to stop fearing your favorite foods and drinks because of teeth sensitivity. Watch as real people try Crest Sensi-Stop Strips and take back their life from sensitivity pain. Crest Sensi-Stop Strips are a breakthrough way to get tooth sensitivity relief. The special ingredient is applied directly to sensitive areas for 10 minutes, giving immediate relief and up to 1 month of protection*. The strips target a specific area of your mouth that’s suffering from tooth sensitivity. *With the use of similar oxalate products, some patients reported sensitivity relief for periods of up to 1 month, while others reported relief for shorter periods.
Welcome To Life Without Sensitivity Pain
about 3 hours 24 min ago
We’re all about bigger, healthier smiles this holiday season. Buy a Kid’s Crest and Oral-B holiday pack today and learn more about our $7 by mail-in rebate.
about 4 days 4 hours ago
Crest updated their cover photo.
about 6 weeks 3 days ago
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