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Join us by taking the pledge with your family below!

My family pledges to brush for 2 minutes, 2X/day* to make healthy smiles happen for families and kids in need

*With a fluoride toothpaste


Take the Pledge & Let's conquer activities together

Heres How it Works_DT

Take the pledge to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, 2X/day* and Crest + Oral-B, in partnership with America’s ToothFairy, will donate one Conquer Cavities 2Gether Kit to a child or family in need**.

*With a fluoride toothpaste
**Up to 10,000 kits


Did You Know?

Tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease in America, and kids in underserved communities are impacted the most—together, we can change that!

Brush 2 Mins

Brush for 2 minutes, 2X/day:
Every morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste.


Encourage good oral habits early on:
Use a habit tracker or reward system.

Brush with Fluoride

Brush with a fluoride toothpaste:
Crest Kids Toothpastes are gentle on enamel but tough on cavities.

Turn Off Tap

Turn off the tap: Help save water simply by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

Switch to Electric

Switch to electric: Kids ages 3 and up can start brushing with an electric toothbrush, which helps remove more plaque than a manual.

Keep It Up

Keep it up: Show your kids how to brush properly early-on and help them out until age 7.

Support a Healthy Diet

Support a healthy diet: Nutritious foods like leafy greens, apples, protein-packed nuts, and dairy are great for keeping smiles healthy.

Spread the Smiles_DT

With your help, we can donate even more Conquer Cavities 2Gether kits* nationwide! Help Crest + Oral-B donate more Conquer Cavities Kits* by encouraging others via social media to take the pledge with #ConquerCavities

*up to 10,000 kits





“Do you brush as a family? Crest, the #1 toothpaste brand in America, makes brushing as a family so much fun for the boys. We always assist our boys with brushing. They love using the Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun Toothpaste.“



“As soon as we were able to start training, we started using Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun Toothpaste. She's quickly getting the hang of brushing teeth, and now every morning rushes to the bathroom to brush her teeth with Mommy and Dada!”



“Crest is committed to helping keep our family’s smiles healthy & beautiful. We’re teaching our kids that it’s important to brush to keep their teeth clean & healthy by using the Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun Toothpaste.”