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How do you describe the minty fresh flavor that started it all? It’s an original. A classic that leaves your breath feeling clean, and you feeling confident enough to get close. 

  • Kills 99% of bad breath germs (in lab tests) 
  • Gives you fresh breath and the confidence to get close


Do Scope, Crest Mouthwash, and Oral-B Oral Rinses kill the virus that causes COVID-19 or kill the COVID-19 virus altogether?
No. Scope, Crest Mouthwash, and Oral-B Oral Rinse formulations have not been tested against any strains of the coronavirus and are not intended to prevent or treat COVID-19. 

Can I use Crest Mouthwash, Scope Mouthwash, or Oral-B Oral Rinses as a hand sanitizer or surface disinfectant if they contain alcohol?
Alcohol is a key component of hand sanitizer. Use of hand sanitizer and hand washing are key practices in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Although some of our rinses contain alcohol, they are not intended to be used as a hand sanitizer or surface disinfectant and contain less than 15% alcohol.

Do any Crest and Scope mouthwashes contain alcohol?
We offer mouthwashes with and without alcohol. See the Product Guide or product labels to find the right mouthwash for you.

Is alcohol needed in mouthwash to kill germs?
No. Alcohol is not required for mouthwash germ killing benefits. Crest’s alcohol-free formulas are a win for consumers who may want to avoid alcohol-based products, but who want to enjoy the health benefits of mouthwash. For consumers who desire a more invigorating usage experience, Crest and Scope offer mouthwashes which contain up to 15% alcohol.

Do Scope mouthwashes kill germs?
Yes, all Scope mouthwashes kill bad breath germs, especially those associated with morning breath.

Can I use Crest Mouthwash, Oral-B Oral Rinses, or Scope to be used for anything other than rinsing?
No. Always read the product label to ensure the product is right for you and use as the product is directed. 

Does Scope, Crest Mouthwash, or Oral-B Oral Rinses prevent sore throat?
No. Please see product labeling or consult with a health care professional to see which rinse is right for you. Please consult with your doctor on how to treat, prevent, or relieve the pain of a sore throat. 

How long can Scope be stored? What is the shelf life?
Scope can be stored both unopened or opened for a period of 3 years. For best results, keep it in a cool dry area, away from heat or direct sunlight. Cap the bottle securely after opening to prevent the evaporation of water and alcohol, which may cause change in taste and/or effectiveness of the mouthwash.

Why Does Scope Contain Alcohol?
Scope contains a low percentage of alcohol to help solubilize our cool, refreshing flavors and preserve the formula. Scope is safe and effective when used as directed. The product is manufactured and packaged in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Should I Use Scope Before or After Brushing?
We recommend using Scope after brushing. Rinsing with Scope can freshen your breath by removing food particles and cleansing the mouth in places a toothbrush can't reach, killing the germs that cause bad breath.

Can I Dilute Scope with water?
Diluting Scope with water can reduce its effectiveness. For best results, we recommend using it full strength.

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Love this mouthwash. Comes

Love this mouthwash. Comes at an affordable price for the size of the bottle and the amount it comes with. Do really recommend product if you haven't tried it because I'm repeated user. Definitely a go to item when I'm I run out of mouthwash! Love it!

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In my family use

In my family use mouth wash a lot so we always buy it and crest is one of our main brands and we like it. It’s refreshing and works and every one likes it we tend to have mouth wash in every every bathroom in the house because it’s essential. Anyways, prevent bad breath by brushing your teeth and using mouth wash! Remember people scrub your tongue too!

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It make your mouth

It make your mouth feel fresh for more time that you have thought I recomend it absolutely

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My favorite mouth wash.

My favorite mouth wash. I love the flavor and the minty freshness it provides! Definitely try it if you like spearmint flavor instead of peppermint. This is effective and overall a great product (: .

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This mouth wash works

This mouth wash works great. Keeps my mouth nice and refreshed. It gets the job going. No complaints about this product. I use it every day right after I brush my teeth. Gotta keep these teeth clean! Definitely would recommend

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We always use mouthwash.

We always use mouthwash. After flossing and brushing, mouthwash seals the deal and gives you that extra minty fresh breath. We use this green with scope the most and occasionally get the blue crest, either way you can’t go wrong.

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