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Upgrade your Oral Care Routine

Try award winning Crest Gum Detoxify + Whitening Two-Step toothpaste. Separating the ingredients into two steps helps them work to their fullest potential to give you a visibly whiter and healthier mouth. Since the gum line is a prime breeding ground for harmful plaque bacteria, cleaning it thoroughly is key to treating and preventing gum issues.

Step 1, the Gum Detoxifying Treatment, targets the millions of plaque bacteria around the gum line, neutralizing them for clinically proven healthier gums. Then Step 2, the Whitening Gel, gently polishes away surface stains for a whiter smile in just one week.


  • Neutralizes harmful plaque bacteria around the gum line to treat and prevent early gum disease
  • Powerful enough to help reverse gingivitis
  • 6X Whitening in one week†

  • Disclaimers:
    * Gingivitis improvement vs ordinary toothpaste
    † Improvement vs ordinary toothpaste


Unique two-step system for better results


Step 1 neutralizes bacteria around the gum line to help reverse early gum damage


Step 2 gently buffs away surface stains for a noticeably brighter smile


Make the two-step system part of your daily routine for results after one week


Step 1 – The Gum Detoxifying Treatment

Start with Step 1, the Gum Detoxifying Treatment, and squeeze your normal amount of paste onto your toothbrush and begin to brush. Pay special attention to the gum line to help the activated foam seek out and neutralize harmful plaque bacteria. Brush for one minute and then spit, but don’t rinse.


Step 2 – The Whitening Gel

Switch to Step 2, the Whitening Gel, which will help gently polish away surface stains. Brush for one minute, then spit and rinse. Repeat this system daily as part of your cleaning routine.
Clinically proven healthier gums + lasting peppermint freshness



Do Crest Toothpastes Contain Gluten?
No current Crest toothpaste contains gluten.

Does Crest Toothpaste Contain Salicylates?
There are no salicylates in any US Crest version of toothpaste, but some formulations have methyl salicylate in their flavor systems.

What Is Stannous Fluoride?
Stannous fluoride is used in oral health care products, like Crest Gum Detoxify, to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen weakened enamel. It’s also unique among fluoride alternatives because it offers multiple benefits not found in sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate.

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4.6/5 (93)
98% users recommended this product

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I drink a lot

I drink a lot of coffee during the day and with crest HD it helps me for my teeth not to look yellow. It does it work and it helps me have white teeth

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Amazing product mouth always

Amazing product mouth always feel so clean love this brand always buying from them 10/10

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I actually use the

I actually use the paste from this and not the gel except every once in a while. It makes my teeth feel cleaner than any other toothe paste I’ve ever tried. Highly recommend!

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I live this product!

I live this product! Although I do not see “visibly whiter teeth”. They do feel cleaner and the clean feeling lasts longer than regular toothpaste. The yucky build up you get on your teeth overnight is not there in the am when I use this product.

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Stop what your doing

Stop what your doing and buy this toothpaste! Yes it works and it has whitened my teeth so much. Never thought I would find an o.t.c product that works so well!

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Love this set. Works

Love this set. Works well for sensitive teeth. For the price though it would have been cool if it came with its own toothbrush. I would definitely purchase this again.

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